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Reserve® Wood Extra®

Enjoy the natural beauty and craftsmanship of an Extira wood door that delivers enduring style and performance. Extira is an eco-friendly wood composite that resists moisture, rot and termites. Engineered exclusively for outdoor use, it outperforms MDF and many wood species. Extira carves, routs and fastens like wood, giving you the freedom to create a one-of-a-kind door. Choose from modern, carriage house, or classic panel designs.



Paint grade Extira is a patented composite with outstanding strength and dimensional stability. Made from sustainable materials including unused commercial timber and resins, the density and durability of the substrate makes it easy to incorporate custom details like deep V-groove patterns as well as arches and curves. The result is a design that often isn’t possible with other molded materials or steel.

Extira doors are built in three sections, instead of four, allowing for proportionally larger window sizes.



  • Handcrafted four-layer construction
  • Energy-efficient polystyrene insulation
  • Eco-friendly paint grade wood composite made from sustainable materials
  • WINDCODE® reinforcement available for high wind load applications.


  • Choose an existing Clopay Reserve Wood door style (carriage house, classic panel and modern) or design your own.
  • Smooth, consistent surface free of knots and voids often seen in wood
  • Square edge profile on base panel and overlays
  • Optional windows and decorative hardware.
  • Color Blast® factory paint finish only. Extira cannot be stained.

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